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Fair Trade Home Party

You can help artisans around the world to rise out of poverty and you can educate your friends about Fair Trade.

You can sell our products at a Fair Trade Home Party. You can explain to your friends how they are helping a family offer their children more nutritious food, preventive and sick medical care, a chance to have the materials they need at school, and even a better roof over their heads. Many children sleep on a mattress on the floor with the entire family- in the same room that they cook and live.

Your friends would be so happy to help these artisan families in Uganda by attending a Fair Trade Home Party

All girls like a party-with other girls- and a new twist on the home party is the Fair Trade Home Party. The hostess or a Fair Trade specialist will come to tell the Conscious Consumer about Fair Trade. The guests will want to know about how buying the Fair Trade product.

You can do this party for Valentine’s Day, springtime, holidays, all through the year to show your friends that their dollars spent toward Fair Trade are actually helping someone in a Lower Developed country. You are actually giving everyone a gift when you share Fair Trade.

So How Do You Have A Fair Trade Home Party?

First, you can learn all you need to know about Fair Trade by talking with us and reading our material. You can also look at the websites of the Fair Trade Federation, the Fair Trade Resource Network, and the World Fair Trade Federation and you will get an education that will be beneficial to you and your friends.

Second, or first, you can get in touch with us, by contacting us on the contact page or or calling 804-338-4524 and just say you want to know about having a Fair Trade Home Party. We will take it from there.

Third, everyone wants to eat and you can serve FT coffee, FT tea and FT chocolate, plus other things. It’s important for your treats to be Fair Trade products and we will help you with that presentation.

Next, since you have the idea and the group to work with, think about your invitations. We can even provide you with FT stationery to make the FT invitations, unless you just want to call or send an email. We will even send a follow-up email to your friends, as a reminder and for education about FT, should you wish.

Educating Your Guests

Just remember, most of the people coming to your party may not know anything about Fair Trade and we together can help them. It’s going to be fun and helpful.

In building momentum for your party, you can talk a little about social injustice when they call to respond to the invitation. They may not have thought much about poverty outside the U.S.

You can have a guest speaker and we can help you with that effort- or you can prepare a short presentation—and we can even write that for you. But, you would be surprised how many people are available even in your neighborhood that we together can find who can speak about Fair Trade.

You can look up Green America and find a publication called Guide to Making Trade Fair –and other publications that we can tell you about. In addition to that, we have made a CD presentation that will be perfect for you party-just show this on a laptop in your party room. Additionally, we will send you brochures and flyers to share.

fair trade partyfair trade party

Have a Breast Cancer Pink Party and honor someone, with a
donation going to the local breast cancer association.

bride fair tradebride fair trade party two

Have a Bridal Party and select gifts for the bride. She will select gifts for the bridesmaids. That’s what’s in these boxes (beside the bride’s bow hat!) Count the ways you can help an artisan.

Presenting The Products

This is the fun part. Have your products (which we will send to you) ready to be presented but have them covered-out of sight. It is good to present one product at a time and we will recommend a method for this. Bring each product out, one at a time, talk about color, texture, quality, composition, and purpose. Add the story of the artisan, which we will share with you. Oh, it will be easy. Just keep thinking about the artisan and their need. Talk about what the products mean to the artisan’s future life.

We will send you a kit that includes several pieces of each and every style and color. All products will be tagged with price and FT information. You need to have your kit in hand two weeks before your party. That will give you enough time to learn about the products and to get in touch with us with your questions. This party will be easy but we will “do” most of it for you.

Up front we thank you for carrying about artisans and for practicing Fair Trade and for being a socially conscious consumer who wishes to share this with your friends.

The important thing is that Fair Trade is the solution to poverty for artisans. And we can tell you all about this.

Please Call Or Contact Us and Let's Set Up A Fair Trade Home Party.