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Social Responsibility is on our mind every day in our work for Fair Trade and artisans.

We intend to focus on social justice and a Quality of Life for the artisans, on our scale.

We intend to do what we can to improve life on Earth.

Each day is a new day for us to renew our pledge.

We intend for our business practices to be socially responsible and we are transparent with our financial records.

We intend for our office and production methods to be environmentally smart. We attempt to recycle our shipping materials and all our used paper goods. We use Seventh Generation cleaning products. We buy printing paper and cardstock made of recycled paper.

We attempt to buy all things organic, when available.

We have eliminated almost all plastic goods and we use consumable plates, cups and forks for events.

That is, we intend to use the products that will make the least footprint.

We promote Fair Trade. For example, we ask for Fair Trade coffee at every coffee shop. We talk to shop managers and owners encouraging them to use Fair Trade coffee and even organic Fair Trade. We do not patronize shops who do not serve Fair Trade.

We speak up and tell people about Fair Trade. We at AFairWorld personally take the simple step to always choose Fair Trade products in every walk of our live (gifts, foods, clothes) and the founder has a Fair Trade Home.

We work consistently to learn and to improve our responsibility, even though we cannot change the world in the first generation of AFairWorld. For example, we aim for our products to be hand-woven, hand-made of natural fibers and natural products.

We are always learning.

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