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Volunteers are needed and wanted on a daily basis, in all parts of the country! You will be come part of the AFairWorld Family! Here are examples of what volunteers do:

  • Prepare orders to be shipped
  • Attach hangtags
  • Sort new merchandise
  • Help with inventorying
  • Call shop owners to follow up
  • Send News Notes with e-marketing program
  • Find new shops
  • Help at Fair Trade festivals
  • Help at Fair Trade parties
  • Help at Fair Trade bazaars
  • Volunteer can attempt all of the opportunities listed under “intern”

WE COULD BENEFIT from your research, expertise, and guidance in the following areas;

Branding, Fund Raising, Grant writing, Graphics, Leadership and Administration, Marketing, Organization, Sales

As AFairWorld is a small, growing organization, volunteers have the opportunity to interact directly with the founder and director, as well as a host of different constituents.The projects and responsibilities with AFairWorld will offer new thought and creativity and will result in an in-depth understanding of Fair Trade practices for the volunteers .Examples of potential volunteer opportunities are listed below. Various combinations of interest can be chosen. You may choose how you want to work.

This is an ideal volunteer opportunity for students interested in social justice, poverty, small business, marketing, and women and empowerment issues. The is an ideal opportunity for employees to earn service points for their organization.

The following areas of a AFairWorld need your help:


  • Write "News Notes" (our newsletter) and distribute through Vertical Response or Constant Contact
  • Create database of U.S. shops that buy Fair Trade: 300 shop addresses That is, find Green shops and Fair Trade shops across America
  • Send Press Release to Press List; create Press List-serve as Publicist
  • Collect all Fair Trade articles and dissertations & theses written in the last Three years
  • Redo our print matter: hang tags, invoice and catalog, making all marketing materials same "branding"


  • Create marketing packet (for emailing) to send shops & sales representatives:
  • Bead catalog, handbag catalog
  • Email the marketing packet (online too) to 120+ previous and existing shops
  • Set up schedule for follow up calls
  • Utilize Craig's List (etc.) to find national sales representatives
  • Draft "sales call words" and "responses" to different answers (Your products are not selling, Our sales are slow, Our customers want something different, etc.)
  • Create shipping program that is best, with specials involving free shipping
  • Check
  • FAIR TRADE HOUSE PARTIES: fine tune plan and inaugurate


  • Create show presentation for Boston show and speaking opportunities.
  • Write a 45 minute speech introducing a group to "What is Fair Trade: A little history, the present and the future of Fair Trade Movement."
  • Set up best shipping system/best practices
  • Set up best shipping packing and making invoices
  • Volunteers: plan volunteer program and initiate
  • Finding volunteers from: (High school students who need volunteer service; College students who wish to volunteer; Corporate/small business-who want their employees to volunteer; Craigslist)
  • Weekly Quick Book entries

CREATION new legal organization

  • Research and prepare the administrative papers to establish the organization as a non-profit or Limited Liability Company-finding pro bona legal work with Law student
  • Work with Prescott College Development Office to create avenue of communication


  • Find grant appropriate for work project in Uganda
  • Find grant appropriate for work in northern Thailand
  • Find grant appropriate for student research travel to study artisans
  • Write grants


  • Find new sources for handwoven Thai handbags
  • Create new designs
  • Find modeling opportunities with universities, etc. for our products
  • Work with Ugandan artisan on creating a line of bead handbags
  • Product development: take to new level for the artisans and the organization


Particularly, work through the following with branding:

Green America

Study Green Pages to determine better ways to market, for the dollar.
How much to register under jewelry?
Propose a Green Pages marketing program for $100- $500.
See Green America today social investing

WFTO/World Fair Trade Organization

What opportunities to find new sales?
Fair Trade Federation


  • Locate auctions, bazaars, festivals for promoting AFairWorld products
  • Create Fair Trade Home Party system and execute
  • Plan Fund Raiser to raise $15,000 plus for Uganda 2012 House Build


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